problems playing FAF.

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problems playing FAF.

Message non lupar spadekevin » Août 11th, 2018, Sam Aoû 11, 2018 9:54 am


I'm having some problems playing FAF. I played one or two games of regular FA before without any crashes.
I've been playing about 5 games now, and it's always crashing about 15 minutes into them.I'm playing the map Finn's revenge against an easy AI. I've tried other maps but then I lost in less than 15 minutes.When it crashes the screen freezes. I can still move the mouse pointer though. I can't tab out from the game, and i can't do ctrl-alt-del or use the windows key. If I log on to the computer remotely i see the error dialog that I've attached to the post. I can't click and select the log dialog, and can't copy the text... therefore the picture instead.
I'm running windows 10, on an AMD fx-8320. 16 gigs of ram. graphics is a geforce gtx 590 Ti.

Please help.

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Thank you.

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